What are Floating Docks?

Floating docks are docks that literally float on water, thanks to their buoyancy. Special vertical poles known as pontoons are typically placed at all four corners of a floating dock, and there may even be a ramp that is attached to the dock at one end and attached to a pier or otherwise docked on land at the other end.

These special water-friendly docks are quite common at marinas, as well as swimming areas. They serve multiple purposes, including providing a stable and mostly dry area to disembark to, or a resting area in large lakes or ponds that have been designated for swimming. These docks typically have anti-slip features that include textured paint, floor mats, hand rails and even foot rails. The docks themselves are typically constructed out of a combination of wood, plastic, and metal, though some are inflatable and thus made out of soft plastics and rubber.

Add a floating dock to your private docking area, marina, or swimming area if you are interested in providing boaters and swimmers with a safe place to stand or walk along prior to or after boating or otherwise engaging in water activities. The majority of docks can be left on the water all year, so you don’t have to worry about finding storage space for them in colder seasons.