Understanding Vitiligo and its treatments

Vitiligo is a condition of the skin where the skin cells lose their pigmentation for reasons that are still being researched today. It can affect anyone and appears abruptly almost unnoticed with the passage of time. The problem with this disease is the fact that it does more damage psychologically rather than physically. Responsible for lower self esteem, low morals and self confidence, this abnormality affects one in thousands.

Available clich├ęd treatments in the market

There are two known ways that work on tackling Vitiligo that are popular in the market today. UV bands being the first one, these are relatively new and still under testing by research laboratories. Being expensive, this is often not affordable by many people. This is because many insurance policies do not include this form of treatment in their drafts. The other solution is prescription medicines given by the dermatologist often involving steroid based medicines. These are harmful for the health and can have unavoidable side effects.

Let’s go back to nature

Many historic cultures believe that there is a cure to every known disease that exists in nature. Also there exists a herb that can cure that disease. It is up-to us to understand the working of nature and figure out this cure.

Natural Vitiligo treatments are surely possible and can be relied on. This is because it will not promote any medicine in particular but rather show a way of life and diet that can readily alter the effects of this skin abnormality.

Today there are many courses over the internet that are offered to the people claiming the reversal of the effects of vitiligo. Many of these are scams but the ones that are actually good often have one thing in common. They teach a particular kind of routine/diet that one can follow for their benefits

Vitiligo is a disease that has not been blessed with a lot of research but one can conclude that it is caused either by genetic reasons or because of deficiency of a particular nutrient. By following a natural diet, one can target this nutrient alone thus showing effective results as compared to other ways of treatment.

It could be anyone we know

Michael Jackson was diagnosed with vitiligo and he decided to opt for skin pigmentation and surgery. This is just another example of how much this disease affects a person mentally.

Vitiligo has existed in records from as early as 1500 BC in ancient Egypt. In many Indian texts like the Atharvaveda, there exists mentioning of whitening of skin. So we know for sure that this has been prevailing in our society from as early as the start of human civilization itself.

One should not consider anyone with this disease as handicapped mainly because it is an inhuman thing to do. People with vitiligo and people undergoing vitiligo treatments are as normal as any other human. They do not have any disability and are as capable as anyone else. What the world needs right now is for the scientific community to research more on this abnormality and only then can many effective cures be found