Tough people to shop for

Let’s face it, men are tough people to shop for. When it comes to women, a nice dinner and flowers do the trick, but for men there doesn’t seem to be an equivalent gesture. Whether you have a birthday, anniversary, or holiday coming up, you might find yourself in a ball of knots trying to figure out just what to get the man in your life. While men have different interests and attitudes, the one thing that they can always use is clothing. If the thought of buying clothes for your significant other scares you, be assured that it is easier than you think. To help make the process of picking out the perfect article of clothing for your man, read on for suggestions for every man.

The Music Enthusiast

If your man is crazy about music, what better gift than a t-shirt featuring his favorite band? This gift shows that you pay attention to the small details-like which bands he loves, earning you major brownie points.

The Business Man

For the business man in your life, you can never go wrong with a nice tie. For the working guy with a sense of humor, try getting one with a fun pattern. For the more sophisticated man, pick up a nice, silk tie to add the perfect amount of polish to his workday look.

The Funny Guy

If your significant other is a bit of a comedian, get him something unique to match his humorous personality. Try shopping on Etsy for fun socks or boxers-you will find plenty. This fun gift will allow your man to show off his humorous side in a subtle way.
Shark Socks

The Golfer

If you are dating a guy who enjoys spending his weekends on the golf course, buy him something that he can feel good about wearing while hitting balls. While there are many great brands in golf shirts, IZOD polo shirts are a great option. These dressy-causual shirts will look great on your man and keep him dry with their moistire-sestistent fabric. Find great prices on these shirts at Garff Shirts.