The Funniest Gifts Ever

We all like to receive gifts, but is it always the case? Are there some situations in our lives when the gift we receive is unwanted and utterly useless to say the least? It seems that this might be the case indeed.

Have you ever played the game of Secret Santa? If you work in an office or any other place where such games would be suitable then you probably have done it by now. In this post, I would like to tell you about the game called White Elephant It is slightly different from Secret Santa and I will get to the bottom of this,

One of the main rules in the game is that the gifts you choose are supposed to be utterly useless to the other person. Why would anyone do it then? The answer is fairly simple: for the laughs. And then when you see items such as UFO detector or the Google cardboard, which is a poor’s man equivalent of virtual reality, you start wondering why anybody would even invent such gifts. But the answer is again very very simple: for the laughs.

When you look at the places where you can buy white elephant gifts, you will clearly see that the choice of them is very wide. It can be even entertaining to just browse such gifts even if you are not planning to buy anything, which you might end up doing anyway. I’ve just had lots of laughs looking at the Ostrich pillow. You might need lots of courage in order to appear in public places such as trains in something such as this particular pillow. Of course, the list here goes on and on. Buying in imaginary friend on Amazon might seem like a crazy idea, but when you look at the number of reviews you will see that there are people who are into such things. So, next time you are at an office party where you play the White Elephant game, consider getting somebody an imaginary friend from Amazon, an ostrich pillow, or the UFO detector. The whole office is guaranteed to laugh.