The Effects of Weight Loss Surgery on Family Relationships

No matter how often people tell you that beauty is skin deep, the reality is that people do judge on appearance. This is something we all known, and none of us can really help. The result of this, however, is that when someone has a gastric sleeve and their weight begins to drop off, their personal and family relationships are also affected. People will start to see you in a different light, because you have changed. And the truth is also that you will see yourself in a different light.

Positives and Negatives

Overall, the weight you lose is good on both a physical and psychological level. However, you also have to get used to some really big changes. Suddenly, you will be the center of attention and you will receive compliments rather than criticisms (sometimes hidden, sometimes not so much). You need to be able to know how to respond to these types of compliments the right way.

Try, as much as you can, to be dignified, grateful, and happy when you accept a compliment. Do not show false humility, and do not be afraid of the attention you will suddenly get. A lot of people do the latter, actually. This is because most of us aren’t cut out to suddenly be raised to near celebrity status. We aren’t prepared to be noticed positively, and many of us feel that type of attention is too much to handle. It can make you feel like people are putting unrealistic expectations on you, and that you will be unable to live up to this. This can, in some cases, lead to anxiety.

Interestingly, people often find their family relationships are the most under strain. This is because a partner in particular, who has been used to their wife or husband having been obese for a long time, can start to feel insecure about the fact that they suddenly start to get a lot of positive attention. Furthermore, if they themselves are also overweight, they may also start to feel envious of their partner.

All of this sounds as if life after bariatric surgery is not very pleasant, but that absolutely isn’t the case. By being aware of the impact this surgery can have on your social relationships before you have it completed, you can also become better prepared for it, and avoid the negative consequences. This is particularly true firstly for yourself. As stated, you are going to have to get used to accepting compliments in a graceful manner, and enjoy the positive attention you will get.

In terms of your partner, if you discuss the fact that these issues may happen before you have the surgery, you can come up with a plan to make sure nobody ends up feeling insecure. In a true partnership, people are supportive of each other. This means your partner should be supportive of the fact that you suddenly look amazing, but that you should also understand that they will have to adjust as well.