The Benefits of Dog Boarding

There are many reasons to consider dog boarding in Plymouth, from planning a vacation to remodeling your home. Are you worried about leaving your four-legged friend at a dog boarding facility? You do not have to worry because the staff is trained and certified to care for your dog. Here are several benefits of using dog boarding when your dog cannot stay at home.

Your Dog Still Receives Daily Care

The staff ensures your dog receives the care he needs during his stay. Your dog is given up to three premium meals and four potty breaks each day, and every night he receives a tasty bedtime biscuit. The morning and afternoon play sessions ensure your dog is socializing and getting in his daily exercise. You can also send medication and special food to be given to your dog by the staff.

Every Kennel Is Comfortable and Cozy For Your Dog

A dog boarding facility is designed to be a second home for your furry friend. Every kennel is spacious enough to accommodate one dog or a multiple dog family. Your dog is sure to enjoy resting on his raised orthopedic cot with comfortable bedding. A larger kennel may even include television programming, sound-proofed walls and glass privacy doors.

You Are Leaving Your Dog In A Soothing Atmosphere

Your dog may feel anxious about staying in another place for several days. This is why a warm staff is ready to welcome your dog with plenty of love and attention. The facility itself is clean and climate-controlled to create a comfortable environment, and the soothing background music is sure to put your dog at ease during this temporary change.

You Can Add On Extra Amenities

There are many dog boarding facilities that allow you to add extra amenities for a small fee. It is a great way to feel in control of his activities even after you leave the facility. You can keep it simple with extra meals, treats and toys, or you can add in a private play session, obedience lesson or brush and massage. The optional amenities may also include a bedtime story, extra cuddles or vacation photos.

There are many facilities equipped with web cameras so you can view your dog around the clock. You can rest assured that your dog is in good hands when you leave him at a dog boarding facility.