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Giving Your Ecommerce Customers What They Want – Three Ways to Secure Discount Ecommerce Shipping Fulfillment

There’s a direct correlation between the shipping prices you offer and how many customers your ecommerce store attracts. After all, attractive prices may not be so attractive when the cost of shipping outweighs the benefits of buying the product online for a discount. However, there is a way for shopkeepers to combat the rising prices of shipping and still stay competitive. Keep reading to learn about three ways that you can reduce your ecommerce shipping fulfillment costs to attract more sales at your online store.

Endicia Connects You to Discount Postage

A great place to start is by looking to a discount postage provider like Endicia. They connect you to some of the lowest rates on shipping Priority Mail and Priority Express mail as well as some other cost savings. You can print digital postage right from your office printer, and get your packages out quickly, only paying for the postage that you need, when you need it.

Stamps.com Locks in Low USPS Rates

The biggest competitor to Endicia is Stamps.com. Don’t be confused, however, because both providers offer the same great low USPS shipping rates; as these are regulated by the USPS. You might find that you like the features of Stamps.com more, or that it fits your ecommerce store better. Good advice is to compare the two and give them both a try. They do both offer a complementary free trial, so there’s nothing to lose.

Express 1 Gets You Commercial Plus Pricing on USPS

If your packages weigh over 10-pounds, you’ll want to explore your options with the cost savings offered by Express 1. They connect you to the discount rates available only with Commercial Plus pricing offered by the USPS. This means that you can ship your smaller and heavier items – up to the 20-pound weight limit – for a lot less than it would cost you otherwise. Plus, you can use your own custom boxes as opposed to using USPS branded boxes, which can enable you to add that signature flare to your outbound shipments.

About the Author

Michael Lazar is an online marketing expert. He is the Growth Hacker for a company called TrueShip, which makes ecommerce shipping fulfillment software. During his free time, Lazar enjoys spending time with his friends and family and his three over-excited pets.