Subaru Legacy Car Parts: Replacing a Headlamp

Keeping your headlamps in good condition is vital for effectively and safely running your vehicle on cloudy days and during the night. Lights that are faded or yellowed or broken will need to be replaced, and replacing the bulb will not be enough if the glass is the issue. Find a source of quality Subaru Legacy car parts and purchase the correct replacement headlamp before following the instructions in this article to remove and replace the existing headlamps on a 1996-1999 Outback.

How to Remove and Replace the Headlamps

To remove and replace the headlamps, you will need a flat head and a Philips screwdriver, a soft cloth, a 10mm socket, a wrench, and an extension rod for the socket.

1. Begin by removing the parking light. This is done by removing a single Philips screw and popping the light out. First open the hood and then look directly above the parking light to locate the screw. Using your screwdriver, remove the screw and then take a flat-head screwdriver and wrap the end of it in cloth to cushion the car body from the bare screwdriver. Insert the padded screwdriver end between the light and the car body and lever the parking light forward until it is loose enough to wiggle out by hand.

2. Once the parking light is out, you may replace the bulb by unscrewing it from the housing, or you may replace the entire parking light if it, too, is clouded, faded, or broken.

3. Now that the parking light is out, the next thing to do is remove the front grill to give you complete access to the headlamp. To remove the grill, you will need to pop the six clips that attach it to the vehicle; four of these clips are on top of the grill, and two are behind. Using a pair of needle-nose pliers, squeeze the retaining part of each clip together and pull the grill forward to release each of the four upper clips. The grill should now be loose enough to reach behind and pop the lower two clips.

4. Set the grill aside and examine the headlamp. This lamp is held on by four 10mm bolts and is also attached to a plug on the inside. First, release the plug buy simply pulling it out, and then remove each of the four bolts using your wrench and socket. Two of the bolts are on the top, and two are on the sides. Once you have released these, you should be able to pull the headlamp free.

5. Installation is the reverse of removal.

Using quality Subaru Legacy car parts, you now have the knowledge to replace your headlamps and get your car safely on the road again.

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