Staying Healthy on the Job

With technology taking over most job positions, more people today are sitting down for the majority of a day’s work. Typing, creating presentations and other tasks don’t require a lot of physical exertion. Although productivity may be high, your health could be compromised over long time periods. Take a look at what it takes to stay healthy on the job in this modern era.

Hydrate and Stand Up

You might sip on coffee for most of the day, but this stimulating drink will only dehydrate you. Keep some bottled water at your desk, and sip it during the day. Promise yourself that standing up and moving around will be an hourly occurrence too. Your body wasn’t designed to sit for long time periods. Obesity, posture pains and other issues can arise from repeated sessions of sitting for hours on end.

Think Ergonomically

Before you start work for the day, take a critical look at your work space. Your chair should have lumbar support with adjustments for your height. The computer screen must have a glare-free appearance so that your eyes don’t become fatigued. Your keyboard should be comfortable to type on too. Maintain an ergonomic work space, and your entire body will feel aligned through most of the day.

When Injury Arises

Employees can be incredibly diligent about their health at work, but injuries still occur. Immediately following the injury, notify your supervisor of the fact. The employer must offer medical attention so that you can recover. In severe cases, you might need Iowa workers comp coverage. Prioritize your health, and you’ll be back on the job in no time.

Participate in Wellness Programs

Many businesses participate in wellness programs. Activities that bring employees together with health in mind are the goal. Jogging or walking during lunch, or creating an Olympic competition are just a few activities that might be held during a wellness program. Pick an activity that suits your interests and join in. You’ll only benefit from the exercise and camaraderie.

Mental wellness is also an important factor in the job market as well. Make friends with your colleagues, share ideas and bond with each other. These relationships help you work through difficult times in the workplace while forging connections that might pay off for promotions and other position changes. In the end, being positive about your health on every level will only help you through life’s challenges.