Show Your True Colours This Football Season

With the football season in the United Kingdom having kicked off, people are looking at ways to support their local teams. For unusual gifts for football fans, you can’t look passed a typographical print that represents their city and team.

Typographics Prints

Typographical prints are perfect for showing pride in your city and football team. They are available for all major cities and display the main landmarks and stadiums. They are great at showcasing the best a city has to offer and doing so in an interesting and visual way.  Additionally they are perfect conversation starters and liven up any room.

Manchester United Fans

Your Manchester print includes all the main attractions and of course, Old Trafford. The print brings to life the cities cultural landmarks and architecture to display the best Manchester has to offer. The landmarks included are Cornerhouse, Afflecks, the Town Hall and library. For all Man United fans or Man City supporters, this print will allow you to show your pride in your city and teams.

Liverpool FC Fans

Everyone knows Liverpool is a football mad city, therefore is comes as no surprise that one of the most prominent features of the Liverpool print is a football making up one of the ‘O’s’ in Liverpool. Other ways Liverpool is showcased is by including the Superlambanana, the Yellow Submarine and the Liver Building. For any fan of the Liverpool Football club, this unusual gift would be right at home next to a Steven Gerrard jersey.

Birmingham FC Fans

The retro Birmingham typographic print looks at some of the most historical places in Birmingham such as Perrott’s Folly and the town hall. Also included is Selfridges, the Mailbox, the Cube and a bull. Just coming out of one of their worst seasons in recent years, they will be relying on a huge amount of support from local fans, so if you’re looking to support your team and city, a Birmingham City print might just be the perfect way to do it.

Cardiff City FC Fans

Cardiff boasts the magnificent Millenium stadium which is famous for the home of the Welsh rugby team, but is known to have hosted a range of important football games. Other prominent landmarks include the Castle, Lighthouse,  Spiller Records and The Hayes Sandwich Cafe.

Glasgow – Rangers vs Celtic

The rivalry between the Rangers and Celtics is one Glaswegians will be all too familiar with. A typographic Glasgow print is one of the few gift ideas which would be appropriate to give to fans of both clubs. Instead of focusing on differences, this print showcases the best the city has to offer on a whole. These include the Glasgow Tower, Beresford Building, Riverside Museum and even a statue of the Duke of Wellington, complete with a cone on his head.

New York Yankees Fan?

So maybe football isn’t your thing. If that’s the case, then there is a perfect alternative. The New York print will allow you to keep out of the football rivalries this year and allow you to support a team that doesn’t create the same fiery arguments that football creates in the UK.