Shopping for Lighting Online – 10 Top Tips

Taking you search for lighting online is a great way to ensure that you get the widest possible range at the best available prices. However as you can’t actually see the product you are going to purchase the shopping process is significantly different from the conventional in-store experience. Here are our top 10 tips to help make your online light buying mission a shining success!

  1. 1.    Decide on a size

The first thing to do when shopping online for lighting is to determine what size you need. Whether you’re looking for ceiling lights, sconce fixtures or table lamps, noting the size of the area and ordering a suitable product is crucial!

  1. 2.    Consider the effect

Lighting is not only practical but also has the power to create mood, atmosphere and ambience at the flick of a switch. According to Home Base “using lighting to create a mood in your home can be the difference between a good or bad dinner party, a relaxing or disruptive atmosphere and a comfortable or uncomfortable home. It really is an essential part of your home life”. When you’re shopping for lighting online consider what your overall aim is and choose a product accordingly.

  1. 3.    Will it fit?

If you already have an item and are shopping for something to go with it, make sure you choose wisely. You don’t want to end up ordering a lampshade that doesn’t fit your base or a pack of light bulbs that are screw in when you need bayonet.

  1. 4.    Choose a style

While you might be head over heels for that bright orange 1950’s style lamp, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to go well with your elegant cream themed living room. Think about what is going to match to avoid any unwanted clashes!

  1. 5.    Shop around

While there are several great websites that stock a variety of different brands and styles, there is no single retailer that sells an absolutely comprehensive range. This means you need to shop around!

  1. 6.    Use your printer

While it is no substitute for physically seeing the product, printing out pictures of your favourite options and flicking through them at your leisure can be a great help in the decision making process.

  1. 7.    Read the small print

Make sure you thoroughly read through the fixture descriptions and measurements. This can be tedious but at the end of the day you want a light that is going to fit.

  1. 8.    Communicate

Just because you’re buying online it doesn’t mean you can’t reap the benefits of customer service. Most companies will have help lines dedicated to answering customer questions and helping solve any problems. Use them!

  1. 9.    Google it

Once you’ve decided on a product, Google the name and use results to compare prices, shipping costs, delivery times and availability. This is a great way of saving time and money!

  1. 10.  Check your order

Lighting can often consist of an array of small fiddly bits so double check you’ve received everything, make sure nothing is broken and keep the packaging and receipt just in case.

Follow these simple tips and you can ensure that your online lighting shopping experience is a triumph!


Written by Ian Holbrook – owner of Premier Lampshades, the home of handmade bespoke lampshades and lampshade restoration services.

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