Selling Your Home: How to Add Value

When it comes to selling the home, there are many different aspects that play into the value and curb appeal. By making a few renovations, you could vastly increase the attraction of the property beyond what you’ll spend in costs. In some situations, a few minor changes can make all the difference when tempting someone to purchase the home.

Revitalizing Rooms

Renovations can turn an otherwise drab area into an elegant work of art. If done correctly, you could increase the value of the property by as much as five times of what you spent on materials and labor. For example, putting $1000 in kitchen remdodels could increase the value of the home by $5000. Of course this depends on the upgrades, value and craftsmanship of the renovation. Not all situations will see this much of an increase.

The Lawn

The yard is one of the first things a potential buyer is going to see. This level of curb appeal could denote how the rest of the showing is going to proceed. If a buyer is in love with the front yard, then he or she is going to have a much higher view of the property as a whole. If the lawn is in total disarray, the buyer is already forming a negative opinion about the home before stepping through the front door.

Renovations don’t have to be just for selling a property. Perhaps you want to re-envision the kitchen to take on a more rustic or modern look. You should always feel comfortable in your own home, and sometimes that means tearing it apart to start anew.