Secrets to Buying the Best Cut of Flowers

Let us say you are buying some flowers for your mother or significant other. You want to buy flowers which are freshly cut, vibrant, and aromatic. Getting them a bunch of flowers which look frazzled, a little washed out, and smelling acrid will just not do.

Buying flowers is a fairly straightforward task: You go in a florist’s shop or browse through websites that offer online flower orders like flower delivery in Central Coast. Pick out the flowers your like or which ones will look best on your window. Then have it arranged and prepared, ready for display. But would you believe there are ways to buy flowers properly?

Here we list down ways in which you can make sure the flowers you are buying will bring smile to people’s faces instead of the crumpled-up expression and a slightly confused thank-you nod you were getting before.

Plan which flower to buy before going to the shop or online stores

If you are buying flowers for someone else, take their favourite colour into consideration. Choose flowers within the colour palette and give them a bit of variety by picking at least three flowers arranged beautifully. But if they have a specific flower they are fond of, try picking out the same flower that comes in different shades of colour.

One important reminder, though, make sure that the flowers you choose are in season. They might look a little wilted if it is not their time to bloom yet.

Go to the florist early

Just like with buying fruits and vegetables in a farmer’s market, it is better to shop for flowers early. You will get access to the freshest flowers possible. Additionally, special bouquets and certain seasonal flowers get displayed very early, so you might want to check those out.

Be on the lookout for buds that are just starting to open

What you want is a flower with long-lasting blooms. To get them, you should buy buds that are just about to open. Buying mostly open bud flowers may look wilted after a short time. Try peeling the petals gently to make sure that they are firm, that is a sign that the flowers have healthy buds.

Add a dash of green with your flowers

Believe it or not, even a bunch of colourful flowers can look dull. Make your flower arrangements look first class by adding a dash of green like geranium. Just like how you choose your flowers, make sure your greenery is healthy and free from blemishes.

Make sure the flowers smell as pretty as they look

The smell is just as important as the appearance. If you are not sure about the kind of flower you will buy, try this exercise: close your eyes and choose a flower through smell, then the looks can come afterwards.

Flower shopping is a straightforward task, but it is not one that can be done nonchalantly. To buy the freshest flowers does not require much elbow grease, but it does take a while to master. Try out our tips for flower shopping, and you will definitely become an expert in no time.