Saving money with JCPenney Coupons

JCPenney is an amazing retail company featuring thousands of products including their own label brands, so it is not hard to imagine why they are so popular with consumers. Not only are their prices reasonable, they send out attractive coupons every month for free online with no commitments on your side. JCPenney 20% off coupon used to be their hottest offer and shoppers are always searching for it. But with recent pricing and marketing changes, JCPenney no longer send out as much coupons as they used to. You should still be able to get some free JCPenney coupons online, but the discounts are going to be lower and much less frequent.

JCPenney new pricing structure might be a little confusing to understand at first. I still don’t really get it and I’m not sure if it is cheaper than before since I never really keep track of JCPenney product prices, but it is sure easier to calculate for consumers. Go straight to JCPenney website and check out their prices, it is all round number and no more psychological pricing. All prices now reflect to what it used to be sale price.

So now with JCPenney 20% off coupon gone, is there any other ways to get big discounts from JCPenney? Yes, JCPenney introduce a new big deals that occur on two Fridays each month, the first Friday and the third Friday until all promotion merchandise are gone. I’m not really sure if it is going to be a great deal of new items or just the usual clearance with a change of words, but it’s worth checking it out.

One thing that doesn’t change and you can still receive your JCPenney 20% off coupon on day one is by applying a JCP card. If you are a frequent visitor of JCPenney, there are a lot of benefits owning the card. Not only just the JCPenney coupon you’ll be receiving, but you’ll also earn points every time you spend there which can be converted into cash certificate. You may also receive exclusive coupons every month from JCPenney, it may not be 20% off but it is still good with a 10% off, $10 or $20 cash discount.

Finally, be sure to check out the latest JCPenney coupons on their official website to get the best overview of current deals and promotions.

Ana Jasko is a blogger who likes to leads a frugal lifestyle by hunting for coupons and bargains. She writes for several couponing websites, for example