Safety Tips for Car Trips With Dogs

When your pooch is part of the family, you may want to take it on weekend adventure trips, family vacations, to the local dog park or with you when you visit friends or family. Safety should be a top priority on any car trip. The following tips provide suggestions for ways to keep you and your dog safe as you enjoy traveling together.

Leash training

Before your dog becomes your traveling companion, it needs to be comfortable walking on a leash. You may have a fenced yard where your dog can potty, but when traveling, you don’t want to let your dog loose in unfamiliar territory to potty. Dogs can be unpredictable. It’s always best to anticipate the unexpected and take steps to avoid a potential problem than to have to deal with an unpleasant circumstance. Be sure that your dog can’t pull out of it’s collar when you have it on a leash. If something frightens it, your dog could escape and get lost.

Short trips

It’s best to take your dog on short car trips before you head out on any long adventures. Set the rules on the very first trip. A dog jumping around in the front seat of your car can be a hazardous distraction. Teach your dog to ride in the backseat. Once again, you can avoid a bad situation by taking precautionary measures to keep your dog confined to the backseat. For some reason, or maybe no reason at all, even the best behaved dog might suddenly decide to leap into the front seat. This could be dangerous. A vehicle pet barrier can keep you and your pet safe on a road trip. As your dog gets more accustomed to riding, you can extend the travel time without causing creating a stressful situation.

Car trips can be something your dog gets excited about. When car trips become a part of your routine, your dog will pick up on the cue that indicates it’s time for a ride. Travel safely, have fun and make some special memories.