Protect Your Roof with Preventative Maintenance

No matter what material your roof is made from, it’s at risk from harsh weather and the passage of time. Roofs can crumble or suffer structural damage from mold and rot. Moisture is a frequent cause of roof problems, because of the amount of time your roof spends protecting your home against rain, snow, and sleet. Asphalt, the most common roofing material, doesn’t do a very good job repelling water on its own. Companies like Pyramid Roofing can help your roof last as long as possible, even in the harshest weather conditions.

Ensure Proper Drainage

One of the reasons many roofs are at risk of failing is because moisture gets trapped on the roof. When this happens, it has no other choice but to drain down into your house, causing serious water damage in your attic and inside your walls. To prevent this from happening, inspect your roofing in Manchester, NH, several times a year to make sure there are no drainage issues. One easy way to do this is to stand outside during a rain shower and see if you spot any leaks or other problems. Or you can climb up onto your roof and check for damaged flashing along the joints of your roof. Keep your gutters cleaned out, especially in the autumn when they tend to get clogged by falling leaves and branches.

Avoid Ice Dams

Winter is another dangerous time for roofs. Not only do they suffer when snow and ice pile up week after week, they are also at risk of ice dams. These large blocks of ice form along your gutters, trapping snow and ice on your roof. When the snow and ice start to melt in the spring, these ice dams prevent the water from draining off your roof and force it into your home instead. Companies like Pyramid Roofing specialize in removing ice dams so that your roof can drain properly, minimizing the risk from excess weight and moisture. They can also help to shovel off your roof periodically to prevent the snow accumulation from becoming too heavy. Roofs have been known to collapse when too much snow piles up on them over the course of a winter.