Price Match Guarantee

I must admit that I like the idea of price match guarantee. If a store offers something like price match guarantee, I am ready to check if they are really up to the challenge. This means that they have a lot of confidence to come up with something like this. This is something I should do more often. If a store is brave enough to offer price match guarantee, there must be something about it. In short, there must be something I can get out of this if I choose to shop with them. I do not know yet when I am going to go shopping next time. I was hoping to do some shopping this week. I hope that I am going to have enough time to make it possible. I am going to keep looking at store displays to see if they offer a price match guarantee. If they are going to offer it, I know that I am going to do everything to make sure that I use it to my advantage. What about you, have you ever tried to use offers like this one?