Prepare for Hurricane Season in South Florida

Every Florida homeowner needs to make special preparations in advance of the hurricane season. High winds and heavy rain can cause significant damage to any home, and you may be unable to leave your home for days due to heavy flooding and rising sea levels. Here are some of the most important things that you can do to safeguard your home and family.

Get Impact Doors and Windows

Every time that the region is put on notice that a hurricane is headed its way, there is a massive run on materials to board up doors and windows. These materials may not stand up to hurricane-force winds. The best solution is to get impact resistant doors and windows that are built to withstand the intensity of a hurricane. If you’re looking for impact doors West Palm Beach, reach out to a company that can offer you a competitive quote on professional installation.

Address Roof Repairs

Any small problem in a roof can turn into a big problem in the event of a hurricane. If your home is more than thirty years old and your roof hasn’t had any maintenance performed in over a decade, you may want to consider having your roof inspected for any possible vulnerabilities. In addition, you should ensure that your soffits are thoroughly secured and can hold up to high winds.

Bring Things Inside Immediately Before a Storm Hits

You should not leave anything outside of your home or on your patio or balcony. Items such as chairs or potted plants should be brought inside or they could strike your home or blow away and strike another home.

Fortifying your home can offer you peace of mind during South Florida’s hurricane season. Take care of the important door and window replacements, make sure your roof is intact and make a plan for last-minute preparations to keep your home safe.