My Visit to London

One of the experiences that I am never going to forget is my stay in London during my gap year before I went to college. As many of my friends, I took a gap year and I went to Paris, Rome, and London to see the world before settling down in my college dorm. I stayed in several hotels during my visit to London, but I wish my stay looked somewhat different. I wish somebody who lived in London his whole life had showed me the city back then.

One of the benefits of staying in London Apartments as opposed to staying in a hotel is that you get to do everything at your own pace. If additionally the place is owned by Robert and Polly Arnold, you are in for a good treat. Let me explain why.

Do you remember when I told you that wish I had stayed in London Apartments rather than London hotels during my trip to London? Well, guess what. Robert and Polly have lived in London their whole lives and they know what is worth seeing in London and what is worth skipping for sure. With so many attractions in the capital city of the UK, you simply need to have somebody by your side who will tell you what to do. Otherwise you will end up rushing into seeing things that might not be worth seeing at all.