Must Visit Spots in Croatia

Croatia is a small but beautiful country that has a wide variety of natural diversity, rich history and cultural heritage to offer its visitors. Most of the popular spots in Croatia lie along the country’s indented coastline where you can trace umpteen islets, reefs, mountains and valleys. This makes it a perfect destination for a luxury yacht charter and those looking for adventure. For those who wish to travel to Croatia, here is a list of the top ten must-visit spots.

Hvar is an ancient city, located near the foot of a verdant hill and surrounded by the sea. Hvar has several islets, each of which is home to many natural attractions. Atop the hill, you will find the old citadel where the Renaissance and Baroque architecture will mesmerize you. Apart from that, you must visit St Stephen Cathedral, a Franciscan monastery and the renowned Hvar Theater that was built in 1612.

Split is famous for housing one of Croatia’s most popular attractions – the Diocletian Palace. The Roman emperor Diocletian built this one of a kind fortification in the 4th century and today it happens to be classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Apart from the palace, Split has a number of beautiful beaches where tourists can swim in the waters and bathe in the sun for hours on end!

Zadar is another coastal city with a lot of history to flaunt. The cobbled streets, old churches and fascinating landscape at Zadar are bound to enchant any visitor. The classical music concerts inside St Donat Church during summer months are a must-visit.

Kornati National Park
The Kornati National Park comprises of 89 islets located within the province of central Dalmatia. The most striking features of this island are the sea-facing vertical cliffs and the virgin beauty of the park that is home to innumerable plant and animal species. Those who know how to dive must experience the vivid underwater world at the Kornati archipelago.

Dubrovnik is situated on a foothill, surrounded by grand city walls and forts that rise above the sea. It has a rich history, evidence of which can be traced in the churches, museums and along the streets of the city. Dubrovnik is a perfect getaway during summer because of the many sun bleached beaches and reasonable accommodations that it has to offer.

Kopacki Rit National Park
This large wetland, located in eastern Croatia offers several backwaters of the River Danube as well as dense forests. If you are a bird lover, Kopacki Rit is a must-visit for you, with more than 260 species of birds staying at this national park. A boat ride through the forest will be a tranquil experience and you can doze off while listening to the chirping of the birds.

Zagreb is the capital city of Croatia and this metropolitan is bound to enchant you with its ancient tales and magnificent architecture. If you walk to the Upper Town, you can get a spectacular view of the entire city. Do not forget to drop a visit to St Marco Church, Marco’s Square, Zagreb Cathedral, Lotrscak Tower and Jelacic Square.

Plitvice Lakes National Park
This is the oldest, largest and most popular national park in Croatia. It consists of 16 large lakes and many small lakes amidst forested mountains. Apart from the mystical lakes, Plitvice also has several streams, rivulets, cascades and falls. Let your soul rejuvenate while listening to the sounds of the waterfalls and breathing in the refreshing mountain air.

Istria is a must-visit for those who enjoy history. The 1st century Roman amphitheater that stands intact to date and the 5th century cathedral are among the many historical sites that you can visit in Istria. This county is also one of Croatia’s top food destinations. With rich culinary traditions and umpteen local ingredients, Istria continues to be revered for its olive oil and fish preparations since Roman times.