Lunatik coupon

A company with a long vision into the future, Lunatik is the company to keep your eye on. They see what is needed for your communication devices, find the financing and built it for your pleasure and to protect your iPhone, iPod, and a pen stylus that is both a pen and a stylus for a tablet, cell phone, or of touch devices. You can use a coupon to please your pocketbook by clicking here: Lunatik coupon

The ultimate in protection comes with all Lunatik products including the Touch Pen. The Touch Pen can be used on any touch device and works as a stylus and a pen. Since paper is going to be around for a long time to come, you also have electronic devices that require a stylus. Having one that works on both is the best in efficiency.

It works well for the artist who must draw on paper first, then input it on their tablet or cell phone. It works with many different software programs such as Photoshop, Gimp, and Inkscape.  Plus, if you’re doing animations, it will be invaluable with Manga Studio or Anime Studio Pro or any other animation software.

Of course, the Touch Pen can be bought with a Lunatik coupon to save on the price of a pen and a stylus. It will work with any paper, too, but you might have problems with resin coated papers when using the Touch Pen.

Lunatik also has covers to protect your iPhone and a watchband for your iPod nano.  The iPod clips on the watch band and you can take it with you jogging, biking, and other real cool activities that you like. It also tells the time very accurately, so you never have to be late again. Well, if you are late, then you want to be but you’ll also have your iPod to keep you company while you’re running late.

Lunatik has covers for your iPhone that are like mini combat gear. You’ll be able to abuse your iPhone without any harm coming to it or the screen. The screen is covered with Corning Gorilla Glass which is scratch resistant and water proof. Of course, it’s not wise to drop it in a bucket of water to test it, but for a quick dip in water or any other liquid, your iPhone will be safe enough. Well, as long as you fish it out quick enough.

The ports are easy to access as is the mic and camera. You won’t hear any difference when you receive your cover and install it. The camera will take the same great pictures and the mic will sound the same. If you’re looking for a way to protect your very expensive iPhone, use a Lunatik coupon to help out your pocketbook.