Ionized Water, Kangen Water, Alkaline Water and the Best Water Filters: Is Water Ionization the Same for All Alkaline Water Machines?

Not all alkaline water machines are the same. Some ionized water has a higher pH with a lower ORP, which is not good. Some water ionizers can provide lower, drinking levels, of pH with very high [negative] ORP. That is very good. Some alkaline water machines require more watts to get a higher/lower range of pH [for cleaning purposes. It’s debatable whether this is good or not.]

Some water ionizers have a mineral port, and I personally appreciate this option. The Enagic Company, of course, says Kangen Water is singularly the best alkaline water machine ever. But the Enagic Kangen Water ionizer is a water ionizer, just like the other alkaline water machines. The Enagic company attempts to persuade you that Kangen Water is different than other ionized water simply because they use a different name. Kangen water is chemically the same as other alkaline water, and can be tested for pH and ORP like any other. According to my testing, Enagic Kangen Water is better than many water ionizers, but not better than the Vesta water ionizer, the Jupiter water ionizers, or the Chanson Miracle-Max and VS 70 water ionizers for getting a high ORP per unit of pH. The new Vesta water ionizer beats Enagic in every conceivable way.

The Enagic company warns their customers about the potential plate damage that could be caused by utilizing their strong-acidic-water setting too frequently or improperly. However, I don’t know of too many Enagic dealers that make mention of this fact. When the strong-acidicwater setting button is pushed, a saline solution [which also contains bleach] is released into the water. This is a caustic solution. It’s also potentially caustic to the water ionizer to use 235 watts of power. See Enagic’s warning page here.

Fake Water Ionizer Comparisons Come in Many Forms

Beware “water ionizer comparisons” that show only the highest or strongest pH/ORP for that water ionizer and/or doesn’t show you their testing. This practice can be misleading because:

1) You don’t drink at the highest alkaline level, so the ORP for that level is irrelevant. What you should really be interested in is the ORP for the pH level you will be drinking.

2) Unless the water ionizers are being compared side-by-side in the same location, at the same time, using an ORP meter that is cleaned and calibrated prior to each test, the comparisons are potentially false readings.

I am one of the only people who actually shows the extensive testing among water ionizers on YouTube. When I do this it adds to the general knowledge about various water ionizers and also shows that water ionizers perform differently in different water sources.

Another fake water ionizer comparison trick is to make claims based on saying their ionizer is the only medical device available. No water ionizers are considered medical devices in the US. The KFDA [the Korean equivalent of FDA] and the Ministry of Health of Japan both recognize all the water ionizers I sell as medically useful devices.

One, more recent trick is to make claims that ionized water is not natural, because it’s not found in nature. The claims are being made by people who want you to buy their products [usually filtering-only devices] instead. But, the idea that ionized water is somehow not natural is simply misguided. It can be tested and found to be water [two hydrogens to every oxygen]. There are normal, healthy minerals in ionized water, such as calcium. There will also be an abundance of extra electrons, which are nature’s most natural anti-oxidants. If you go and stand next to the ocean, 5 feet away, and breath the air you may feel energized by it. What is different about that air? It has an abundance of extra electrons. Electrons are negatively charged and are able to be donated to active oxygen [also called free-radicals] in the body. This instantly makes the oxygen able to be used properly by the cells of the body and prevents free-radical damage to the cells.

You will find nothing more in this water.

I don’t have anything bad to say about filtering-only alkaline water ionizer devices. I sell a few. The most popular one is my new Alkaline Plus Pitcher which can bring the pH up slightly [about 1 point higher than the source water pH, i.e. from 8.5 to 9.5 or from 7.5 to 8.5] and it delivers about -200 to -400 ORP [antioxidants] on average. I think it’s a great product, and I think everyone should buy one, even if they have a regular water ionizer, because they will be traveling sometimes and will need it. However, I don’t believe anyone can experience the full health benefits of using alkaline water when they only use a filtering-only water ionizer [also called portable water ionizer]. I use them only when I travel. The portable water ionizers work, but the electrical water ionizers work better and faster. I have tested them all and the health benefits are better with a regular [electrical] water ionizer.

I look upon a water ionizer as a tool that can be used to adjust the buffers we all need up or down as desired. After 20 years of using water ionizers for myself and my whole family, I can say that they are the single best thing I’ve ever purchased to improve my health. I am very health conscious about the products I buy, but have never found a better product to recommend to others than an alkaline water ionizer.