How to Watch Hulu Outside of the US

Watching TV together as a family is one of our favorite hobbies. When we don’t participate in many other activities such as shopping online or spending time outdoors on sunny days like today, we like to gather in front of our TV and then watch all the shows we like so much. Since the time spent with my family matters so much to me, I like to dedicate plenty of time and energy to it knowing that we won’t be doing it forever since the kids grow up so fast.

What do we do for fun in our spare time? We like to watch many channels such as Netflix or Hulu. It is not a secret that some websites such as Hulu or Netflix are limited to US citizens only. This can be a huge disappointment to anybody living outside of the US, but wanting to have unlimited access to all the goodness that websites such as Hulu can offer them. Fortunately, those wanting to have a more entertaining life don’t have to give up on it only because they don’t live in the US as they can easily download TunnelBear to help them hide their IP.

What exactly is TunnelBear? In a nutshell, TunnelBear is an application that has already helped more than 2 million people to unblock websites like Netflix, Hulu or Pandora and allowed them to have unlimited access to all the riches that those websites have to offer. The principle behind TunnelBear is fairly simple. When you download and install TunnelBear, it makes it really easy to browse the Internet like you’re in another country such as the United States (provided that you are not originally from the US), which is good for you as hiding your IP is always good for you. I recommend doing it on a regular basis to keep your privacy protected at any cost.