How to Store Out of Season Clothes

Every 6 months we usually change the set of clothes we are going to wear. We either bring our summer clothes back and store winter clothes for the next winter season, or vice versa. Without any doubt, storing out-of-season clothes is a great part of our lives we cannot simply ignore. This is why it is important to dedicate some extra attention to it to ensure that are clothes are damaged in the process. So, if you are about to store your clothes either somewhere at home or in a storage unit such as storage units sunrise make sure that you use some or all of the following tricks to prevent any damage to your clothes when they are not in use.

1. Try humidity-controlled containers. Unless you store your clothes in a humidity-controlled place you might want to use one of these to prevent the buildup of mold. You might want to enquire in your area if something like this is available as they can make a huge difference in terms of how well your clothes are protected from mildew.

2. Vacuum bags work similarly to humidity-controlled containers, but the difference is that they allow you to draw the air from them leaving more space for other items.

3. Don’t forget about moth balls. Such balls will keep the moth away and will ensure that your clothes don’t get damaged this way. After a summer season, you don’t want to discover that your clothes have all been “eaten” by moths and there is nothing left of them.

4. Avoid cardboard boxes at all cost. You might be tempted to store your clothes in them, but the reality is that they aren’t waterproof and even mice as well as rats can eat through them. This makes them almost completely unusable and a very poor choice when it comes to storing your clothes for the next winter season. Plastic boxes are a lot better option as they won’t become “wet” due to mildew and they won’t damage anything else that is inside of them.