How to Stay Warmer in Winter

I have a friend who lives in Liverpool, UK. We have been friends for a very long time now and we have been writing letters to each other for years since we don’t live anywhere close to one another. From what Leah keeps telling me in her letters, winters can be harsh in Liverpool. They might not be as harsh as winters somewhere in Scandinavia or Siberia, but they are harsh nonetheless.

Already some time ago, Leah took advantage of this Green Deal Scheme to improve the energy efficiency of her home. She lives in a huge terraced house in Liverpool and keeping it warm used to be a nightmare. She used to spend hundreds of GBP every winter until she discovered Home Insulation Grants that changed everything. Her energy bill is a lot smaller now and she is a lot happier person right now knowing that she doesn’t have to pay that much for her energy and gas bill anymore. Now she can spend the money on something else such as new shoes or new clothes, which she loves by the way.

One of the topics Leah mentioned in one of her last letters is the topic of Online Advertising. Leah started a few new websites and she is already thinking about the ways to make them more popular. I wish her all the best and I look forward how the popularity of her website keeps growing with each passing day.