How to Save Money on Holiday Gifts

The holidays have a tendency to spring up on you year after year. You always start out with good intentions and plans to finish your shopping by Thanksgiving or early December. Between the kids going back to school, things heating up at work and other issues, you usually find yourself running around at the last minute and spending too much on gifts for your friends and family. Shopping online this year can help you save money and time on those holiday gifts.

Buy in Bulk

Why waste a lot of time buying gifts for each individual in your life? While you should spend a little extra time on your spouse, kids and closest friends, you don’t need to go overboard buying something special for all your nieces, nephews, coworkers, aunts and uncles. If you find a good deal on scarves, hats, gloves, beauty supplies or other gifts, buy in bulk. You can usually save half or more when you buy in bulk.

Shop Online

There are thousands of places where you can shop online to save money on holiday gifts. Discount sites offer overstock items at sharply discounted prices. You might find cologne and perfume that retails for over $100 for as little as $60 a bottle or electronics that sell for hundreds for a fraction of the price. Click here to see the great buys and discounted prices available on clothing, electronics, craft supplies and more that make great holiday gifts for everyone on your list.