How to Organize a Your Garage in a Weekend

Every household is full of things that don’t necessarily need to be saved, but since there is space in the garage, then why not? With this approach to junk, the garage can get clutter pretty quickly, leaving you no room to work on projects or even park your vehicle. Whether you are trying to find a new spot for cleaning supplies or you are looking to put away your beach chairs, the task of cleaning out the garage can seem daunting. Here’s some help for getting it done in a weekend.

Gather the Right Supplies

Before you start going through everything, take a few minutes to get the supplies you will need to work uninterrupted. Buy some heavy-duty contractor trash bags, some storage totes, and some energy drinks. Have tape, boxes, shop vac or broom, and a lengthy playlist of all your favorites. Part of your cleaning will entail organizing and getting rid of anything that is broken, worn out, hardly used, or a duplicate. You may also want to invest in some metal shelving with heavy duty wheels to add extra storage.

Work Through the Basic Clutter

You can probably take a generic look around and find a lot of clutter hanging around the garage. A basic cleaning, looking for trash, half-empty bottles or leftover project pieces, can make a quick dent in what seems to be a large task. If possible, sweep up or vacuum dirt and debris to give yourself a cleaner workspace. Things that don’t fit or that have been laying around for years are prime candidates for either the recycling box that will be taken to a thrift store or a garbage bag.

Form Cleanup Zones

After removing the first layer of clutter, dig deeper into the spaces of the garage. Many people find it helpful to put everything out in the driveway. Seeing everything at once can help you sort items more quickly into zones or piles. As you work the items into the proper zones, such as sporting equipment, tools, or seasonal items, this is where you get into the nitty-gritty decisions of keep, donate, or trash. Once all the items are into zones, you will organize one zone before moving on to the rest.

After everything has been sorted, begin the task of putting it back into the garage. Keep zoned items together, making used of storage totes, shelves, boxes, and vertical wall space to hang and store items. With this method, you will see your garage floor by the end of the weekend.