How to maintain your garage guttering properly

Gone are the days when a garage used to just be the home of a family car, or provide a little bit of storage. These days they are spaces where you can entertain family and friends, run your business from home and much more.

Such is the shift in purpose of a garage, many more additional features have been added to them over the years, such as secondary access doors and windows to help make them a much more useable and valued area.

In recent years however, with the government and many environmentalists groups also stressing the importance of saving energy and re-using things such as rain water, guttering has become a very sought after addition to the modern family garage. However guttering itself also has its own issues as they can become clogged up with debris and as a result cause water damage to your garage, which in-turn could cause financial consequences and harm the contents inside.

To combat this, a leading garage door specialist in Yorkshire has come up with a few short simple tips to help you keep your garage guttering clear.

Firstly, it is important to annually, although bi-annually is better, check your gutters and clean them via hand. To do this, use a step ladder and work your way along the guttering scooping out the debris into a waste bag, working from the start of the gutter to the down pipe. If your guttering is not reachable via step ladder, or you feel uneasy about doing this, it is always worth seeking professional help.

Once you have cleared the debris, it is also worth taking some water and flushing it through the system. This will help you see if the guttering is still aligned properly and if all the water is coming out. To do this, pour a measured amount of water in at the top and collect the same amount at the bottom.  If you get considerably less out of the bottom, this indicates a blockage that you need to clear.

If the debris is very difficult to move via hand, or has left some deposits which have become stuck, a pressurised water jet could also be used to clear the guttering of debris. Be careful when using this and again professional expertise is always recommended. If you notice a blockage in the down pipe, you can put the jet in the bottom and the top of the pipe to try and break up the blockage using the jet.

In more recent times, a mesh like gutter inner has been manufactured which you can place inside your guttering. This stops items like leaves and rubbish being blown into the gutters and clogging them up. This product is available at most DIY shops, is good value for money and will help to prolong the lifespan of your guttering.

Finally, just do a general check of the guttering and check all bolts and seals are not leaking, and that no cracks have formed. If you have noticed any problems simple repair kits are available, however if you are worried, get a local roofer to come and fix it quickly for you.

These are just a few simple ideas which can help you maintain the quality of your gutters. If however you are worried about them, it is always worth seeking professional advice.