How To Improve Curbside Appeal

If you are looking to improve your home’s curbside appeal, you have a few options. From huge changes to little tweaks, you can vastly change your home’s look with these options. 

Change the Architecture 

The biggest change you can make to the outside of your home is to rebuild. You can change the frame of the door, the sizes of the windows, the curve of the roof, and more. If you opt into custom architectural design, a designer can help create a new look using the bones your house already has. Changing the architecture itself can vastly change what you see when you pull up to the curb.

Upgrade Doors and Windows

Another great option for improving your curb appeal is to replace your windows and doors. Get a fancy new door with a glass window, or new windows with iron designs. Just changing those can improve the look of your home overall. 

Change the Colors

Arguably the easiest way to change the curb appeal of your home is by painting the outside. You can re-do the siding to your house, or get paint that stands up to whatever your house is built with. You can paint over brick, paint wooden siding, or use a bold color to re-paint the trim. Make sure you thoroughly clean the outside of your home before painting so that the paint will last longer. 


If your house does not need any upgrades to the windows, colors, or architecture, you can always improve curbside appeal with some clever landscaping. Out-of-control weeds or bushes that cover the windows might be taking away from the look of the house. Create a stone path to the front door, add some flowers to the landscape, and trim back unruly trees to reveal the beauty of your home.