How to buy a perfect Peridot Ring?

As August is just a few weeks away, many of you must be looking for the birthstone rings. As Peridot is the birthstone of August, it makes perfect birthstone jewelry. As the rule is applicable for all gemstone jewelry that you need to be very careful and cautious while purchasing them, same thing goes well with peridot rings as well. Let us read what all points are to be taken care of, while buying a glamorous peridot ring.

1)    Color: This gem is available in a number of tints and shades of the green hue. Ranging from light yellowish green to dark yellowish green, there are many more in this color range. Olive green happens to be the most sought after color. It totally depends on you, which color allures your heart the most. In case, you are choosing more than one peridot stone (especially for earrings) please take care to buy the similar looking color tone.

2)    Clarity: The gem Peridot is usually an eye clean stone. It has lesser number of inclusions which are more visible in the larger pieces. One thing that needs attention is, this gem is a bit brittle in nature and hence you should choose the design of the ring, where the top of the stone is well protected.

3)    Carat: Normally, the carat of the gemstone refers to its size and the same is implied here as well. Peridot is easily available in large carat sizes, but as every other gem, its price varies with the change in carat size. You can choose the one which fits your budget and which looks best in your chosen design for the ring.

4)    Cut: This stone is comparatively a low priced stone and hence the gemstone cutters cut it generously without getting stressed about losing it during cutting. Consequently, some of the very rare and beautiful cuts are available in peridot. But, the thumb rule is that you should buy the one which has fine and clean edges.

5)    Online Shopping: If you are going for online shopping, take care to purchase from a trusted store. Also, please be careful to know in advance if they charge for the shipment or provide free. Be double sure about your ring size before ordering for the same.