How Can You Make Journaling a Habit? These 4 Ideas Might Help

Journaling is well-known to be an incredibly healthy practice. It can improve your communication skills, your emotional reactions, and your stress. It also tends to improve your relationships with others — and yourself. But how can you build up your journaling habit? While establishing a habit is no easy task, these four accessories might help you find journaling a little easier.

1. A Beautiful Journal

Sometimes, when you’re inspired by your surroundings, writing occurs a little easier. Whether your journal is big or small, ornate or simple, it should be something you enjoy writing in and can carry around easily. Remember to pack it on trips and keep it with you during long days — you never know when inspiration will strike.

2. A Regular Dose of Coffee

If you set up a regular time to journal — the morning, for example — it will be easier to remember to do it. And you may as well trick your brain into making it a pleasurable experience by keeping some espresso coffee on hand. (Or this could be tea, or hot chocolate, depending on your preferences.)

3. Some Nice Pens

Only useful if you journal by hand, as opposed to on your computer, nice pens can make all the difference to your enjoyment. They certainly don’t have to be calligraphy pens (unless you’re into that), but even a smooth-flowing gel pen is satisfyingly easy to glide across the page.

4. A Daily Habit Tracker

Maybe this is an old calendar you happen to have on hand, or a bullet journal you’ve been using for years. Either way, tracking your habits visually is a great way to stay motivated and remember to journal in the first place. And when you flip through it, you’ll get a strong sense of satisfaction at your accomplishment.

Making journaling a habit is no easy task, but these four items might be able to help you on your journey. Keep your brain healthy by writing down your thoughts, your fears, and your dreams — your future self will thank you for it!