How Amanda Jo Of Organic Bunny Is Revolutionizing The Skincare Industry

The past few years have been quite radical for the multi-billion dollar beauty industry. With scathing criticism from, several quarters, the industry is looking for ways and means to reinvent itself. From rising costs to poorly made products, from unethically sourced ingredients to mass marketing campaigns, the industry has been called out by fans and critics alike.

Big names in the industry have refused to mend their ways and have doubled down on paid advertisements, branded campaigns, and celebrity endorsements, others have taken a different route. The route towards responsibly sourced organic skincare is gaining in popularity every single day.

In this article, we profile Amanda Jo of Organic Bunny, one of the leading proponents of organic makeup, skincare, and hair products. We discuss several aspects of the problem existing in the industry and assess whether her approach has been successful or not.

Who is Amanda Jo of Organic Bunny?

Amanda Jo started her life as a blogger and influencer who was looking to help women gain knowledge and information about the best beauty products. She herself states that when she first started, she was just a normal woman who liked using skincare and makeup products.

Over the course of several years, she gained experience in the industry and was able to see some stark realities. In particular, she saw that many brands were only about misleading consumers and making money off them.

In her own words, she states that she felt tricked and cheated when she started realizing what the industry was propagating. Luxury was a word, which was getting thrown around a lot. In the garb of offering luxury products, cosmetic brands were using high-end packaging and using mega-celebrities to pass off substandard products.

The Current Problems in the Beauty, Skincare, and Makeup Industry

According to Amanda Jo, the following are the major problems in the industry-

1.The Overuse of Chemicals and Toxins in Products-

One of the most striking problems, which exists is that even the biggest brands still use lab-made chemicals, harmful waxes, and toxins in their products. This includes various dyes, which can trigger allergies or other harmful medical issues in people who use them.

2.Hiding behind Marketing and Advertising-

The questionable role played by celebrities who endorse these products encourages others to use them. According to her, many celebrities who endorse these products on television shy away from using them in their real-life as they know how harmful they are for human use.

3.Unaffordable Prices-

Amanda Jo points out that many brands make five to ten times the profit on each product by their pricing strategy. In order to come across as non-attainable and fuel aspirations, brands price their products on the higher side. This makes people believe that they are very good.

4.Brands who cheat by using the word Organic and Natural-

Some brands are faultily advertising themselves as being organic and natural when they are still peddling chemicals. Amanda Jo states that brands like Tarte and Lush have frequently misled people by promoting themselves as organic but being super dirty.

5.Brands use Insecurity to Fuel Sales-

There are some brands that still resort to age-old traditional marketing strategies to show women losing out on jobs or lovers because of their skin. This is an emotional trick, which plays on the mind of the consumer and forces them to go for the brand.

The Final Word

Amanda Jo concludes by saying that it is essential to love oneself and all things related to us. She insists that consumers should dig deeper and research more when choosing or purchasing products. The attempts to use greener and cleaner products should always be something consumers should keep striving towards. Natural and ethically sourced makeup, skincare, and beauty products are always in vogue.