Helping the Modern Woman Manage Her Time: 4 Great Ways That the Modern World Can Help

If you are truly a “modern mum”, you will be taking advantage of all the modern world has to help you manage your time. The modern woman is often working a full time job as well as managing a house and the kids, and that can take its toll if you are not careful; and that is why utilizing every convenience at your disposal is vital. As a working mum you will be spending on average 28 hours a week on top of your full time job looking after your home and family; so make the best of these modern aids to save you time.


A modern house will undoubtedly have the latest appliances in it, and you should be using these to your full advantage. Perhaps you are simply be using a microwave to heat a snack for the kids or to serve up a ready-made meal when in a rush, but a micro wave can be used to heat and cook practically anything at the push of a button; leaving you to do something else. Your freezer should definitely be your friend, and if you cook your own food, there is no reason not to make a double helping and freeze it for another day. From an automatic washing machine/tumble dryer combo, to a coffee maker, anything that will look after itself will help with your time; so use your appliances to lessen your workload.

Home Services

The number of services that will visit your home to help you save time seems to increase continually; and they are a blessing to the busy woman. If you don’t want to cook the evening meal, you have been able to order a home for decades, but now you can have somebody visit your home to shampoo your carpet or clean your cooker. A home laundry service will pick up your laundry on demand and deliver it back to you when you tell them, and a school run service, or a nanny, could save you hours in traffic; though as with all baby and child services, you will need to choose your child minder carefully

Internet Shopping

One of the best innovations for anybody over the past few decades must be the internet; and for busy moms it is no different. The time that can now be saved by shopping from home really is staggering. Though many women would never give up shopping for their clothes, with free delivery and returns offered by even high end companies, a visit to the shopping center could be a thing of the past. Obviously, it doesn’t stop at clothes and any household item can be bought online, as can your weekly shop. Supermarkets may have led the way, but you can buy things as varied as Grass Fed Beef By The Good Grub People, and wines from the vineyard of your choice. The internet is your friend; in so many ways it is impossible to count.

Work from Home

Saving time on school runs is all well and good; but what if you could save on travelling to work as well. Once again the internet has opened up opportunities for working mums to save time, and has, in fact, spawned a whole new generation of people working from home. There are many benefits to working from home, and time management is among the best.

You may be trying to save time to reduce the stress of full days, or you may be making more time for your family, but whichever it is, these 4 ideas should help you manage your time and life more easily.