Hand Made Compact Mirrors that Impress

Do you know what I like to have in my purse every time I go out? Aside from my red lipstick and mints, I also like to carry a compact mirror with me at all times just so that I can check at any time how my face looks. Sadly, my compact mirror is very small and it is nothing like this beautiful mirror the picture of which I included in this post. This is the first time I saw something so beautiful and elegant. I just cannot resist and I am going to write about Swarovski compact mirrors in this post.

Those who live in Europe are in for a real treat as hand made SWAROVSKI┬« ELEMENTS compact mirrors can be bought there. I am not sure if they ship their hand work outside of Europe. I guess I will have to check it out and see whether they do or not. I myself would like to order a mirror like this and send it to a dear friend of mine who lives in Kentucky and who is going to get married soon. I won’t be able to be with her during her wedding day, so sending something to her is absolutely a must. I am sure that she would appreciate receiving a gift like this one. I also have a friend in London, UK whom I met several years ago. Danielle is really into all those accessories every woman should have and she is going to be absolutely stunned when she sees the mirror. I can already see the reaction on her face when she opens the package I am going to send to her and when she sees what is inside. I guess she hasn’t seen anything like it since her prom.

What do you think of custom mirrors? Do you know of anybody in your family or somebody among your friends who could use a mirror like this one?