Getting Ready for Labor

I cannot believe that I am already 36 weeks pregnant. The time is passing by so fast, and I remember my 20-week scan as if it took place just yesterday. And here I am, with a big bump waiting for the big day to finally happen. Am I ready for it? I think so, although, if you have been pregnant before, you know how it feels like to expect your first baby. Since you never know what is going to happen and how it is to take care of a baby (unless you used to take care of a young baby yourself), you might even feel a little anxious about. I know that I am going to do just fine. I have a wonderful Husband by my side who is going to make a great father. He is really excited about the baby, I see it in his eyes, but I also can easily deduct it from his behavior. He even is usually the first one to be willing to shop for baby accessories. He sometimes shops for them on eBay by observing various auctions and then bidding on them.

Since I never needed to take care of any baby myself (I am the youngest in my family), I will need to learn the ropes myself. I am confident that I will do just fine. Who said that you need any previous experience to have a baby? After all, everybody learns such skills from his personal experience and I am no exception to this rule.