Empowering Christian Women

Leading a women’s ministry is no easy feat. Women are such multi-faceted creatures with never-ending lists of things to do. As a women’s ministry leader, part of your job entails ministering to their needs and encouraging them in their faith. While the best way to do this is through holding events, it can be hard to get women to attend events. If you’re trying to figure out how to engage the women in ways that are impactful and effective, it’s important to include these elements when you hold your programs.

1. Childcare
Many of the women you’re working with have children. While many women have older children who can take care of themselves, there are usually women with very young children. Collaborate with the children’s ministries department to see if childcare can be arranged. If you don’t have little children running around during your program, you’ll have women who can be more engaged in the content you’re sharing. If it’s possible, include a line item in the budget for child care. If you can’t swing it, do your best to make sure your childcare staff feels appreciated through food or another special token of appreciation.

2. Ambiance
Most women care about the details. Put your best effort into making sure the event is as beautiful as it can be. One current trend among women’s programs involves themed tables. Women sign up to decorate a table with a specific theme. Some of the fun themes include coloring books, burlap sacks and specific color schemes. Whether there are light refreshments or a heavy meal, be sure to include food. Eating is a great way to bring women together and take the pressure off.

3. Substance
Invite a speaker to come and encourage the women of your congregation. Make sure it’s a speaker who’s platform revolves around empowering Christian women. A great way to figure out what women want to hear includes inviting women to fill out a survey. The survey can give great insight regarding what women would like to hear more about. Whether it’s adoption, marriage or careers, make sure that the content the women’s ministry tackles can involve real topics that the women want to know more about in a faith-based context.

When you include these elements in your programs, women are more likely to attend. They’ll also tell a friend and spread the word about how great the ministry’s programs are.