Distinctive natural products

It is becoming more and more difficult to operate a brick and mortar retail operation. What is needed are both distinctive products that will set your operation apart from competitors, and the willingness of your suppliers to approach their relationship with you as a partnership. IHP Health and Organics understand this and are committed to doing both. After significant research, they have brought two distinctive natural beauty products to the Australian market. First, there are the Hanz de Fuko hair products, and they also carry the Pure Illumination lip gloss.

The Hanz de Fuko products are completely natural, extremely effective and very fashionable. They were invented in 2009 in San Francisco as a reaction to what was seen as dominance of low quality and unnatural products for men’s hairstyling. Since then, they have quickly moved to the forefront of the men’s hairstyling industry. For more about Hanz de Fuko in Australia, go to their Facebook page.

They also carry the Pure Illumination lip gloss. Like the hair products, it enhances the health of skin as it adds color and shine.