Curtains Through the Ages

When it comes to selecting curtains in the modern age, we are simply spoilt for choice. Whether we’re looking for bespoke curtains or curtains for hotels that are fire resistant, there are plenty of options available, meaning we are able to have the design we require made with the fabric of our choice.

While it’s no secret that curtains have been around for quite a while, it may be surprising to learn that curtains actually derive from animal skins. Animal skins are the earliest portrayal of curtains, and would act as drapes. However, the problem with animal skin is that it’s hard to come by, and can be quite expensive. As such, the demand for drapes meant that more cost-effective solution had to be sought.

Within Europe, this is no set date that saw the introduction of curtains, but you can be sure that all the finest castles had drapes present to protect those residing there from bitter chills. Another main influence for curtains in the Western world was Asian countries, who has been implementing curtains as a way of covering the entrance that led to their quarters.

From the 14th century, Italy began to develop fine silk, which soon found a partnership within the curtain industry. It was here that drapes and curtains became luxurious pieces, and have therefore found their way into many homes and businesses throughout the ages.

As time has gone on, each era has introduced its own unique approach to the world of curtain design. They have also been designs that look to suit a manner of different purposes as opposed to just décor. For example, many hotels will instil curtains that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also resistant to flames, as well as being dark enough to ensure that curtains aren’t letting the light in when closed.

The modern day and the technological advances that come with it mean that those in needs of curtains, drapes or even blinds are given a vast amount of choice. While many curtains available within a number of high street stores, those with a more unique outlook may wish to consider made-to-measure curtains, as the possibilities are endless when it comes to design and practicality.

The original design of curtains was something of a primitive one, but it is this very foundation that so many designers of curtains have built on that has led us to the vast choice we have available today.