Creative Kitchen Upgrades

When it comes to kitchen upgrades, some people are under the assumption that you have to do a $10,000 plus kitchen remodel or renovation. But that’s actually not true. What you do need are some creative ideas and a plan, as well as a budget. A budget is an important aspect no matter what you are doing; upgrades, redecorating, remodeling or whatever else. If you want a few really cool but budget friendly kitchen upgrades, consider checking out the ideas below.

Bold Pedestal For Your Kitchen Table

If you can go to an old antique store, garage sale or even a flea market, you can probably find a really unique and nicely styled pedestal. Chances are this pedestal once belonged to something else, but if you can cut it away from the table or piece its connected to now (or just unscrew it!) you can refinish it, sand it down, and paint it to turn it into a really cool piece for your kitchen table. For example, if you can find an ornate metal pedestal, you can paint it fire engine red and then place a wooden lacquered black table top on top with 4 black lacquered wooden chairs. It creates a color theme, but it also adds in color to a not to colorful space.

Reflective Backsplashes

Subway tile with a metallic finish is really popular right now and it looks really good with stainless steel appliances like fridges, ovens and even light fixtures. These reflective backsplashes come in all sorts of colors and tile sizes, but the black almost granite looking subway tile goes really well with black counters and white cabinets – which by the way is a trending color theme right now!

Colorful or Bold Backsplash

Backsplashes are a really great way to add color to a room that would otherwise be considered boring. Consider checking out Eco-glass tiles or just get different colored tiles to place on your back wall. One idea is to use white, gray, black, light green, lime green, teal blue and burnt orange for the tiles. Really crazy combination right? But once you start adding in other color variations like a white counter kitchen island with gray painted stand and black bar stools with teal blue upholstery, the whole entire room begins to mingle together and create a colorful and lively space. This kitchen is anything but ordinary and boring!

Add Contrasting Shades To A Book Nook

If you have a kitchen island right in the middle of your kitchen space, why not consider leaving one space open for cookbooks. By using a contrasting color such as a gray painted cabinet versus a citrus orange inner cabinet for the back wall of the book nook, actually helps to brighten up and liven up the gray and make it not so plain Jane. One orange to check out is called Orange Burst by Behr. It costs about $35 per gallon, but you could probably get a quarter gallon if your book nook is on the smaller side.  You can do this with any colors that contrast each other.