Creating a Home Snug on a Tight Budget

These days life is frenetic. So crazy that sometimes it is hard to come down and completely relax. Even at home, it can be hard, especially if you do not live alone, or are located in a built up area. Often, being surrounded by the noise and clutter of other people makes it hard to get the peace and tranquillity you need to unwind.

One way around this is to take a small room, and turn it into a chill out zone, or snug. Giving each member of the family, or household, an area that is 100% their own is the key to keeping everyone sane, and giving them the break they need to be able to truly relax, and recharge their batteries.

A corner is all you need

Fortunately, you do not need a lot of space to achieve this. You could for example, put a comfortable chair, a footstool, a small table and a floor lamp into a corner of your lounge.

Someone could then use that space as a place to sit and enjoy listening to music, having a snooze or playing games on their tablet, or laptop. Provided they wear a set of noise cancelling headphones, they will be able to block out any distractions. You can easily buy all of these items from a second hand shop, so you really do not need a big budget to create this type of snug. This article contains 50 different reading corner designs, which are sure to inspire you and help you to find a solution that will work for your home.

Affordable room dividers

If your children have to share a bedroom putting up a divider can be a good way of giving them the feeling that they have their own space. Letting them decorate their half of the bedroom in a style they like will also help them to create an environment that they can really relax in. Room dividers do not cost much. You can even make them yourself out of scrap wood, plasterboard, or other materials.

Creating a bathroom snug

However, not everyone likes to relax by reading, doing crafts, playing games or watching movies. Some people find that taking a bath, or enjoying beauty treatments is the best way for them to unwind.

For those people, adding a comfortable chair to the bedroom or bathroom can transform the space into somewhere they can sit comfortably and chill out. It is relatively easy to turn an ordinary small bathroom into a steam room, which lets you enjoy a relaxing sauna like experience, for the cost of a bath full of very hot water.

A snug can be a fun space

Not all snugs need to be soft and cuddly spaces. We are all different, so for some people a space filled with soft, furry pillows is going to irritate them rather than calm you. It is important to create a chill out area that reflects your personality. Remember that a fun and zany space with custom made highway signs on the wall, a beanbag, games console and coffee maker can be just as relaxing a space as one that is softly lit with aromatherapy candles. The idea is to create a snug that you like, and feel comfortable being in.