Create the Perfect Bachelorette Party

For women, the bachelorette party is one of the best times to celebrate. Signifying the end of singlehood, these gatherings celebrate the bride-to-be and bring together her friends from all areas of her life. It doesn’t mean that the bride will no longer be able to go out in this manner, but rather that it gives friends the chance to concentrate on the bride and let her know for whom are her true friends. Planning the perfect bachelorette party can be incredibly simple, as long as you consider activities, guests and the like that will ensure the bride feels truly blessed before her wedding day.

  • Help the bride-to-be pick an outfit that will allow her to stand out. Not only will this make her feel special, she’ll draw attention at each stop throughout the night and make her the real star. A beautiful dress, tiara and bride-to-be-sash are popular today, as are beautiful feather boas to bring an element of glamour into the night.
  • Talk to the groom about where you’ll be throughout the night so that he can surprise the bride with a small gesture of his love, like a bottle of champagne or flowers. This act will add another level of emotion to the party.
  • Make sure that all of the guests are onboard with the schedule and planned activities. Keep in mind that it can be hard for some of the more introverted guests to feel relaxed if they don’t know anyone at the party. Consider introductions and party games to break the ice.
  • Keep guests together throughout the night to ensure the bride doesn’t feel pulled by different groups of friends. Nothing can ruin an evening more than division among the party.
  • Lastly, always check with the bride about the bigger details to guarantee your intentions are in line with her desires.