Causes of Car Accidents

While it is true that you cannot always prevent all accidents that happen on the road, many of them can actually be avoided if drivers were more attentive to the road and more responsible. Of course, you are not always to blame for every car accident that happens to you. If an accident has already happened to you, you should probably contact a Miami car accident attorney, but even after this happens you should be aware of the following most common reasons so many road accidents happen these days:

1. Driver inattention is probably the most common cause for road accidents. You can be a very good driver, but if you get distracted in your car by children who are traveling with you, or if you answer phone calls when driving you are very likely to do something you normally wouldn’t do. This is why it is a good idea to keep all distractions to the minimum and focus on the road only.

2. Speeding. This type of offense is very common especially among younger people. Speeding won’t necessarily get you to your destination faster. How many times do I see a car dangerously overtaking me only to meet him again on the nearest red traffic light. Speeding is dangerous and can have very serious consequences.

3. Following other cars too closely (also known as tailgating). Every time you driver and there is a car in front of you give yourself plenty to space to react to what happens on the road. The car in front of you might stop abruptly when you don’t expect it, so by leaving enough space between you and other cars in front of you gives you enough time to react to their behavior.

4. Failing to follow the rules of the road or not knowing those rules is another cause so many car accidents happen these days. If you passed your driving test long time ago you might want to refresh your knowledge from time to time.