Can you bring vintage style to a new build home?

There are many advantages of buying a new build home. They tend to be more energy efficient and better insulated. There are some great deals to be had and the fact that you’re not part of a housing chain can lead to a far easier and comparatively stress-free transaction and overall moving process.

They can be safer and more secure, with new wiring and plumbing, fire retardant materials throughout and smoke and burglar alarms are usually fitted as standard. Most houses will also come with a warranty to cover potential structural issues. Take a look at the new build houses in Surrey for an idea of the sort of properties that are currently available.

Some people do prefer the look and feel of an older house. It might seem odd to believe that a new build home can be filled with vintage style and charm but one of the advantages is that you’re starting with a relatively blank canvass.

Whether you’re looking for wooden floors, a certain style of wallpaper or a classic look to your bathroom, you may be able to negotiate their inclusion as part of the sale – or you can simply roll up your sleeves and get to work as soon as you move in.

As many vintage fans know, part of the joy is chancing upon random but wonderful pieces when you’re least expecting to. This haphazard collection of elements can be very satisfying but if you’re looking to transform a new home it can also help to begin with an overall vision or theme. This could be rustic; it could be related to a certain period or anything else that reflects your personality and taste.

It is also important to consider how your rooms will relate to one another and think about colours, styles and practical requirements. With this in mind, you can then start sourcing your vintage pieces and materials, whether through your favourite shops and suppliers or by searching online.

Appropriate furniture, furnishings and quirky individual touches such as: postcards, posters and collectibles can all help transform even a new build home into your own vintage haven.