Blogging can be very rewarding if you blog about the things you love and that are interesting. When you set up a blog you decide on which topic you are going to write about to your readers. From my experience I can say that the more attractive the subject for you, the more likely you will want to write posts on your blog and the longer you will remain a blogger. However, blogging is not only about writing. It gives us opportunities to make new friends, participate in social events and maybe even make some money. There are various websites dedicated to bloggers that are doing a great job by giving us what is the best in the blogosphere. If you enjoy writing like I do and if writing gives you a lot of fun, then writing articles and sharing them with others will not be a problem for you and you will find pleasure in it. The world of the blogosphere has never been so vibrant and alive and it is thanks to various websites that connect bloggers. Almost everybody can become a blogger, so if you have something to write about and would like to get the word spread about it, then simply start your own blog. It is also good to have conversations with other bloggers, because what can be better than spreading the word through other bloggers and writers?