Best Makeup Trends for spring 2021

It is always exciting to see that spring is coming. In addition to the warmer climate and longer days, the most appealing fact about spring is the makeup. Following spring makeup trends are unbelievably fun. Like flowers are blooming, trees turn greenish, it’s your time to get more creative with the look. We all know that it is impossible to say no to the gorgeous and damn joyful makeup trends of spring.

Anyway, if we look back at 2020, we all felt a bit different. A lot of things didn’t happen as we expected. All the good looks and makeup trends are used only in front of Zoom and Google meet. It was a disappointment. Isn’t it? Therefore, hopefully, 2021 is the best year to try out makeup trends that we were waiting for. So, in this article, I explain the best makeup trends and other makeup tips and tricks that you should try out in this spring season.

Eye makeup trends

Eye makeup is the most significant factor to enhance inner beauty. The best eye makeup can add the most appealing and extravagant beauty to your look. Therefore, following the eye makeup trends enhances the look and make someone feel more beautiful and attractive.

  1. Electric blue eyeliner

It’s time to say bye to your regular black eyeliner and try out a blue version. It sounds so unique. Isn’t it? The electric blue is not too dark. It’s a light pastel color that perfectly suits the spring. You can draw a crisp cat-eye and lengthen into inner corners and brighten up the look. This color will freshen things up and give you a perfect look.

  1. Emerald smoky eye makeup

Smoky eye makeup has been on the trending makeup lists for so long. The significance of emerald smoky eye makeup is that it’s for the ones who love green. A new and unique color can change your whole appearance. To get the look, use a fluffy eye shadow brush and blend the colors well. The final result will surprise you.

  1. Sparkle eye makeup

Sparkle eye makeup is an incredible trend that will change your entire look to the next level. Grab an eye shadow brush and add a nude base. Then blob a little glitter primer. Finally, stick the twinkly sparkles here and there nicely. You will rock your spring outings with this look.

Lip makeup trends

For beautiful and long-lasting lip makeup, you need to have lip liner and lipstick colors. Lip makeup is useful to highlight your eyes. If your lips are done perfectly, it can make your eyes stand out. It enhances your eye color and contributes to the total look of your face. Therefore, following the best lip makeup trends helps you to look perfect.

  1. Peach lips

Dark lip colors have been on the trending makeup list for a long time. However, the trend has changed now to calming colors. The peach color is very soothing, looks so soft and suitable with the spring outfits. This color never fails to amuse you. You can get the look by applying peach color matte lipstick.

  1. Nude lips

The nude lip colors never go out of the trend. Those are just perfect for the spring as it gives you a bold look. Also, the nude colors match with many complexions. First, outline your lips with a flesh-toned liner and layer a clear gloss, and blend the colors. It’s no doubt that everyone will love the look.

  1. Coral matte lip

Coral is a perfect shade in between red and pink. It’s more orangish. It is a great lipstick choice for the spring because it perfectly suits the warm transitional weather. It will definitely change your makeup look to the next level.

Other makeup tips and tricks

  1. Effortless makeup

The spring of 2021 is more likely to going to be the time for effortless makeup. The “no makeup” or the “natural skin” will be more highlighted. So, for effortless makeup, I suggest you avoid heavy eyelashes and slightly use the makeup

  1. Natural-looking eyebrows

The eyebrow shapes changed to several styles in the last decades. In 2021, it’s going to be a strong arch with a few natural-looking strays. It retains the natural glam and also supports the effortless makeup look. Therefore, it’s a tip for you to leave some natural-looking strays when you pluck eyebrows.

I hope these tips and the makeup trends will change your tomorrow’s look. You can go with the trends and show off your beauty and confidence.