Autosurf Scams

Autosurfs are traffic exchanges that rotate websites in Internet browsers in an automated or manual way. First of all, I want to make clear that in this post I am talking about autosurfs that promise money for autosurfing, not autosurfs that are for traffic exchange purposes. Unfortunately, Autosurfs in such case are a type of a pyramid scheme. They are often called investment autosurfs. Investment autosurf is an inaccurate name in my opinion, as they have really nothing to do with investments. This whole concept is not only weak in my opinion, but it is also against PayPal’s use policy, and PayPal has already blocked almost all accounts of autosurf programs. Avoid such programs, unless you want to get involved with them for a while without spending any money to see how this concept works, just out of curiosity. Just remember my warning when you will want to deposit any money. The problem with them is that only a small group of people who joined such programs in their early stages have a potential to earn any money. This is how pyramid schemes work, and this is exactly what investment autosurfs are. They are simply scams, and people behind them want to get money from you, and unfortunately very often succeed. I am always suspicious of companies that wants you to deposit money before they pay you anything. The chances are very high that you will not get your money back at all, so watch out.