An Overview of the Different Treatments to Make Your Skin Look Younger

Most of us care at least to some degree about how we look, and once we start to age and this becomes visible on our skin, we look for ways to improve this. Cosmetic specialists have found different ways to deal with the various signs of aging as and when they appear. Let’s take a look at some of these skin rejuvenation Orange County treatment options.

Laser Skin Treatment

Laser skin treatment is believed to be the best form on non-invasive skin rejuvenation, particularly for damaged skin and deep lines. Laser light removes the dead skin cells found on the surface, while at the same time stimulating collagen production in the deeper layers.

IPL Treatment

IPL also uses light to treat certain skin problems. It is often used in people who suffer from rosacea, have scars, or other types of blemishes on the skin, but also has rejuvenating properties.

Skin Creams

One non-invasive method that doesn’t cost the earth either is to use skin creams. These are available over the counter in most stores. Their efficacy is debatable, however. Most researchers now agree that, while these creams certainly do have benefits, they need to be applied daily from the age of about 20 in order to really have any effect after 40.


Photorejuvenation is another type of light treatment. It is a very targeted type of treatment, which is why it is particularly suitable for those who have wrinkles or who have conditions such as acne scarring or rosacea.


Botox is perhaps the best known treatment out there. It does not, actually, improve skin condition in any way. Rather, what it does is freeze the muscles that are contracting in the wrinkles. In so doing, the wrinkles are smoothed out. It is a temporary type of treatment that usually lasts for about six months. While becoming more affordable, it is still one of the more expensive options, particularly because it has to be repeated so often.

Face Lift

The face lift is the most invasive type of rejuvenation methods. The skin of the face is cut at the hairline and then literally pulled tight again. It is very effective, because the skin is once again tight, but the procedure is becoming less common nowadays. This is due to a variety of reasons, including:

  • It is very invasive and comes with a long recovery time.
  • Face lifts lead to scarring and people are starting to recognize these scars.
  • The chance of complications is quite high.
  • It doesn’t address the root of the problem, which is the poor production of collagen.

Whatever choice you make in terms of skin rejuvenation, you need to really consider the pros and cons of each option. Even more important is that you find a clinic with a professional who is properly trained and registered to actually deliver the treatment. This is particularly true with Botox, with certain spas and individuals now running ‘Botox parties’, which have a big potential of going wrong.