An Alarm Home Safety System May Not Be the Best

Home safety is essential for your peace of mind, and security alarm systems help protect your home from burglars, fire and carbon monoxide leakages. However, this peace of mind may be based on the false belief that an activated security system is just as effective as a monitored system. An activated security system can be armed and disarmed. A monitored system is linked to a central station and is watched 24/7 by trained and qualified security personnel.

The Main Advantages of an Alarm Monitoring System

• The appropriate help will be summoned when the alarm is triggered and will arrive at your home within minutes

• The sound of an alarm may deter some burglars, but only too often, people ignore the sound of alarms because they seem to be part of the general environmental noise and are suspected of being false alarms

• You don’t need to depend of the sound of the alarm scaring off the intruder. With a monitored system, not only will an alarm sound if the home or office is invaded, but help also will be summoned

• Even if the alarm is turned off, a smoke detector can be wired into the system and help will be summoned whether you are at home or away

• With a monitored system, you and your family will immediately know that an invasion has occurred. This will help you avoid a potentially dangerous situation of unknowingly walking in on a burglar

• Many insurance companies offer lower premium to homeowners and commercial property owners who have a monitored security system. It is even possible that the savings will cover the cost of the monitoring service

• According to statistics, homes that have sign that states they are connected to a security monitoring service, have fewer break-ins

• You can have a panic button that will sent a message to the central monitoring station and bring emergency help to you immediately

• The resale value of your home will increase with a monitoring system

Real peace of mind depends on being sure your home and possessions are being protected at every minute. You don’t need to rely on the hope that a burglar will run if they hear an alarm because it is entirely possible that they will not. Your home is protected when you are away, and a good monitoring company will never ignore an alarm and not charge you for false alarms.