Aluminium doors can improve energy efficiency and add value

Architects all over the world are suggesting adding aluminium doors and windows to your home, for style, energy efficiency and additional value purposes. Regardless of size of house, the benefits are particularly high.

During the past 10 years, the fitting of these types of products into both new and more traditional homes has become more popular as homeowners and developers look at ways to improve the energy efficiency of their new buildings. Since the government made changes to the planning laws and more people are concerned about their carbon footprints and impacts on the environment, any new building must meet strict energy efficiency rating guidelines.

Yet, whilst this is one of the many benefits of adding aluminium windows, and doors such as bi-folding and sliding alternatives, their inclusion in many new property developments is also to help drive up the value of the home.  According to a recent survey conducted by leading house developers, over 40% of all architects believe that adding larger windows and doors can increase the probability of one selling their home. The same percentage also said that adding these to your home can greatly increase the long-term value for any future sale, whether this is in only one year or ten years’ time.

Some homeowners see their houses as a great way to safeguard their finances, by investing in something, which until the recent house price plummet, was always seen as a way of improving investments. The addition of good quality new doors and windows not only enhances its look and style, but also gives an impression of class and status. These are vital when trying to sell a house, and because of their popularity, more and more potential buyers are looking at these types of things when deliberating on purchasing a house.

The changing of doors and windows to aluminium alternatives is quite a simple process and companies across the UK which specialise in this can work closely with builders, architects and other tradesmen to ensure your home looks its very best. A leading provider currently is Clear View Bi-Folding Doors Ltd based in West Yorkshire, who have a reputation for an excellent customer satisfaction rating, working around the clock to meet their client’s demands.

It is not just financial value however where these products provide additional enhancement within your home. Other values include the addition of more natural lighting which is proven to enhance individual morale and productivity, as well as the changes having these can make to your lifestyle. Sliding and bi-folding doors in particular can significantly change the way you use a garden area or lounge, with the ability to move between both areas easily.

Should you be considering ways in which you can add value to your home, both financial and individually, thinking about changes the doors and windows to aluminium alternatives could be a great option. Not only will it enhance how you see your home, but will also make it appeal to others in the future. It is certainly an investment on many levels.