All About Scrubs

I’ve just came back from my surgery after a morning visit to my doctor. I caught some sort of an infection recently and wanted to have it checked. I don’t go to my surgery very often, but when I go, I cannot help but notice all the scrubs that nurses and doctors wear in my surgery. I have to tell you that their scrubs look rather neat.

I wonder where all those nurses who work there shop for scrubs for nurses. Next time I am in the surgery I am going to ask somebody about it. I am also wondering if scrubs for nurses are the same as scrubs for doctors. Maybe doctors are more likely to wear white scrubs while nurses wear blue ones or purple ones? I am not completely sure about it, but from what I have seen it would seem so. When it comes to me and my personal preferences, I like blue scrubs more than white ones, mostly because they look so much better in my opinion. Logic tells me that colorful scrubs should be also easier to wash as white clothes tend to look dirty after a while even when you try to take care of them, although I am not so sure it is true with doctors scrubs.